Welcome to Davmet

Established in 1989, we specialise in supplying high quality and chilled
and frozen New Zealand lamb cuts, processed and packaged in modern,
fully export licensed, processing plants.

A product of clear blue skies and emerald green grass ...

Hawke’s Bay lies on the eastern side of the North Island of New Zealand. This province is home to around four million sheep and 150,000 people.

Grass-fed in lush free range natural pastures, our lamb has no antibiotics or hormones.

This healthy, clean, stress-free, stable environment produces Davmet lamb that meets animal welfare and good manufacturing practise audits.

Delivering the quality without compromise!

Lamb - the healthy choice ...

Lamb is packed with protein, and nutrients, making it one of the best meats nature can offer. Protein-rich Lamb contains what our bodies need for growth, maintenance and repair.

Iron, crucial for mental and physical wellbeing, provides energy and ensures a healthy immune system. Lamb contains haem iron, which is more readily absorbed by the body than iron in vegetables.

There is three times more iron in Lamb than chicken breast, two times more than pork, and six times more than fish. Zinc is important for growth, reproduction, vision, digestion, taste, smell and the immune system.

Davmet procures its own livestock through it's own buyer and utilising experienced and well respected independent livestock buyers, who have their own long established clientele.

New Zealand's farmland is legendary for its lush green pastures.


Lamb Chops "Kiwi" style

Serves 4 12 Hawke’s Bay Natural Lamb leg or loin chops
Salad greens Fresh mint Tomatoes 4 medium potatoes A dash of truffle oil 1 tbsp cream Olive oil Scallions For lunch – Grill ... Read more

Roasted Leg of Lamb with garlic rub

Serves 6 1 boneless Hawke’s Bay Natural Lamb leg
4 cloves garlic, crushed 2 tsp dried Rosemary 2 tsp rock salt 1 tsp Pepper Garlic cloves Sweet potatoes Potatoes Parsnips Season outside of lamb ... Read more

Braised Lamb Shanks with Sultana jus

Serves 4 4 lamb shanks
4 tbsp Dried thyme 100ml red wine 250ml white wine 1 whole garlic glove 2 Medium onions Olive Oil 2 bay leaves 1/2 cup sultanas 1 chopped carrot

To make ... Read more