Our People

Colin Francis – Chairman

Colin has a lifetime of experience in the meat business including a number of years based in the UK trading NZ exports and other meat products. He has been running Davmet ( New Zealand ) since 1989, building the company to the success it is today. Colin is the majority shareholder of the company. 

Ian McGarvie – Director

Ian has many years experience in the meat industry, starting his career at Borthwicks. He spent a number of years in the UK importing NZ product before joining Davmet NZ Ltd.

Ian is a shareholder of the company.

Ian oversees the marketing of product from Davmet focusing on European, UK and Japanese markets. He also is involved closely with the livestock procurement program.

To contact Ian email mcgarviei@davmet.co.nz

Iain McNicol – Marketing Manager (World and Local - except Europe)

Iain looks after the major markets of China , Taiwan , USA as well as the rest of the world including the local New Zealand market. Iain has had over 25 years with Davmet both in the UK and in NZ. He comes with experience not only in marketing but also logistics and shipping.

To contact Iain email mcnicoli@davmet.co.nz

Rob Wilson – Production Manager

Rob is a very experienced meat industry participant and has been with Davmet for over 15 years.

As production manager Rob is involved in production planning, ensuring production is on time and within specification. He monitors plants operations so that all production is within requirements of overseas markets and all regulatory bodies including NZ Food Safety Authority, USDA and EU.

Rob oversees production at Progressive Meats in Hastings for Davmet.

Aleysha Foster – Documentation and Logistics

Aleysha is experienced in both meat and horticultural industry logistics particularly through coldstore operations. She is responsible for controlling the load-out of product and completion of exacting requirements for documentation.

Davmet is moving with the industry in automating much of the documentation process through electronic means with outside parties. Aleysha is at the forefront of this development.

Gillian Stuart – Accounts and Treasury

Gillian rejoined us in March 2013 and brings a wealth of financial experience. She has responsibility for accounting and
treasury operations, inventory and costing systems.

As well as ongoing accounting functions Gillian manages foreign exchange transactions for Davmet ensuring cash flows are
maintained and foreign exchange risk is minimalised.

Jack Strang – Livestock Procurement

Hawke’s Bay born and raised, Jack comes from a farming background and has over 30 years experience in the rural Transport

Jack is responsible for procurement of livestock for Davmet. He is in constant liaison with farmers, livestock buyers and the
Processing plant and ensures that Davmet is always competitive in the procurement field.

Jack processes farmer payments for livestock and ensures they get detailed kill data as quickly as possible after processing.

To contact Jack call mobile 0274 313 099

Davmet’s owners are fully involved in day to day business which ensures the company can respond to the changing needs of both suppliers and customers.


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