Davmet NZ Ltd is based in Napier and sources its lambs from the eastern regions of the North Island for processing, predominantly in the Hawke’s Bay, which is fast becoming the centre of excellence for the New Zealand food industry.

Davmet Lamb Cuts are available in chilled or frozen form and are transported in modern refrigerated sea or air freight containers.

Frozen products come available in a variety of packaging formats, Vacuum packed (VP), Individually Wrapped (IW), Layer (LP), or Bulk (BP) packed.

For chilled items customers have a choice of Barrier Vacuum packaging or Modified Atmosphere Pack (CO2 flushed). Chilled product is stored at 0 deg Celsius (+/- 1 Deg C).

All meat contact packaging complies with USDA and FSIS regulations and is certified as such by our suppliers.

The Taste of Perfection

Our products are used around the World, in some of the most elegant, sophisticated restaurants and in busy households where nutritious convenience foods are important. We focus on value added products saving our customers time and money. Hygiene and safety standards are constantly monitored and improved, resulting in a secure, quality service.


Lamb Chops "Kiwi" style

Serves 4 12 Hawke’s Bay Natural Lamb leg or loin chops
Salad greens Fresh mint Tomatoes 4 medium potatoes A dash of truffle oil 1 tbsp cream Olive oil Scallions For lunch – Grill ... Read more

Roasted Leg of Lamb with garlic rub

Serves 6 1 boneless Hawke’s Bay Natural Lamb leg
4 cloves garlic, crushed 2 tsp dried Rosemary 2 tsp rock salt 1 tsp Pepper Garlic cloves Sweet potatoes Potatoes Parsnips Season outside of lamb ... Read more

Braised Lamb Shanks with Sultana jus

Serves 4 4 lamb shanks
4 tbsp Dried thyme 100ml red wine 250ml white wine 1 whole garlic glove 2 Medium onions Olive Oil 2 bay leaves 1/2 cup sultanas 1 chopped carrot

To make ... Read more