Food Safety

The Slaughter and Processing of Davmet Brand and Hawkes Bay Natural Lamb branded products is carried out at ME87 in Hastings.

The plant complies with the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (formally NZMAF) requirements for export to all major world markets.

The plant is one of the most modern in New Zealand using the latest technological processes.

Product is eligible for export to EU and USDA, the plant has a current BRC certificate.

All livestock supplied is accompanied by a signed farmer Livestock Declaration for traceability.

All livestock is inspected by NZFSA veterinarians prior to slaughter.

Animals are treated humanely at all times, have access to clean water and no dogs are used on plant.

Animals are slaughtered at the peak of condition and carefully graded by weight fat score and conformation.

All carcasses and viscera are inspected by the third party Assure Meat Inspection service after slaughter.

Routine microbiological monitoring of water quality, work surfaces, and product are carried out in conjunction with a MILAB approved Testing laboratory, the results are monitored both by the NZFSA veterinarians and the company Quality assurance manager.

Hygiene and temperature control are carefully monitored during all stages of slaughter, production, and storage to achieve the highest standards of food quality and safety.

All export products are Halal compliant with NZIMM (New Zealand Islamic meat Management).


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