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Natural Lamb

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Hawke’s Bay Natural Lamb Cuts are available refrigerated, by sea or air. Customers have the option of Barrier vacuum packaging or Modified Atmosphere Packs (CO2 flushed).

Quality of Production ensures that Hawke’s Bay Natural Lamb meets the consumer in perfect condition; tender, safe, and healthy. Documented quality checks take place during all stages of processing. All lamb carcasses have undergone an accelerated conditioning and ageing process before cutting to ensure optimum tenderness.

Cuts are taken from carcasses that weigh between 39-55lb on the hook (18-25kgs). Most cuts can be weight-ranged to suit individual specifications.

Chilled product is stored at 32 degrees Fahrenheit + / – 1 degree (0 deg C + / – 1 deg.).

The typical shelf life of these premium lamb cuts is around 100 days for MAP and around 70 days for vacuum packaging as long as the temperature is controlled within the above parameters in a cold store. Once opened, product will quickly regain its natural pink colour, and will last for 3-5 days in a controlled temperature environment.

All meat contact packaging complies with USDA and FSIS regulations and is certified as such by our suppliers.

Cartons (box and lid) are of a special reinforced design to protect the lamb cuts from compression damage. Depending on the size and type of product, cartons will contain from 7kg to 27.2kg of product. Safe handling instructions are printed on every carton.

Cartons are strapped and sealed with NZFSA seal. Labels contain a barcode for ease of inventory control and are complete with open dates of slaughter production and expiry. (The user mask is available on request). Each carton label has a sequential batch number that can be used to trace the product contained inside to the farmer(s) who have supplied the livestock in that batch. Individual product (cut) labels may be supplied by arrangement and these may include an EAN barcode as well as date, weight and/or price information, as long as accurate customer information is supplied in advance.

A data logger to record temperature during shipment is used for all chilled consignments. The meat specification pages contained in this website are a guide only and may change. A full product specification may be requested when an order is confirmed. This will include any special customer requirements that may have been negotiated.

A unique item number will then be issued for each individual product.

Hawke’s Bay Natural Lamb Products

Bone-In Lamb Frendched Racks

Bone-In Lamb Frenched Racks cut 75mm frenched 37mm (3″x1 1/2″)

Individually weight ranged in 57gm (2 ounce) multiples from: 340g (12oz) to 680g (24oz) 2 per vacuum pack interlocked (alternative packing 69style)

Bone-In Lamb Frenched Racks

Bone-In Lamb Frenched Racks cut 30mm frenched 30mm (1 1/4″x1 1/4″)

Individually weight ranged in 57gm (2 oz) multiples from: 280g (10oz) to 510g (18oz) 2 per vacuum pack interlocked (alternative packing 69style)

Boneless Lamb Short Loins Silver Skin Removed

Boneless Lamb Short Loins Silver Skin Removed

Individually weight ranged to: 130-170g (4-6oz) or 170-240g (6-8oz) 4 per vacuum pack. Alternative may be produced with silver skin on. Available frozen in individual skin pack.

Bone-In Lamb Leg (ABO)

Bone-In Lamb Leg (ABO)

Aitch bone removed, rump and shank on
Alternative may have rump removed
1 per vacuum pack approximately 2-3kgs (5-7lb)
4-6 per carton

Boneless Lamb Rumps - Cap On

Boneless Lamb Rumps – Cap On

4 per vacuum pack approximately 260-340g (9-12oz) per piece
16-18 packs per carton


Lamb Chops "Kiwi" style

Serves 4 12 Hawke’s Bay Natural Lamb leg or loin chops
Salad greens Fresh mint Tomatoes 4 medium potatoes A dash of truffle oil 1 tbsp cream Olive oil Scallions For lunch – Grill ... Read more

Roasted Leg of Lamb with garlic rub

Serves 6 1 boneless Hawke’s Bay Natural Lamb leg
4 cloves garlic, crushed 2 tsp dried Rosemary 2 tsp rock salt 1 tsp Pepper Garlic cloves Sweet potatoes Potatoes Parsnips Season outside of lamb ... Read more

Braised Lamb Shanks with Sultana jus

Serves 4 4 lamb shanks
4 tbsp Dried thyme 100ml red wine 250ml white wine 1 whole garlic glove 2 Medium onions Olive Oil 2 bay leaves 1/2 cup sultanas 1 chopped carrot

To make ... Read more